About Me

I believe that honest imagery is vital to any storytelling mission. I work as a documentary-style photographer for a variety of clients, from brands to small businesses, individuals and couples. My favorite subjects are those that showcase the vibrance and bounty of real life.

I’m so lucky and inspired to be part of a community filled with makers, farmers, bakers, and creators of all types that have beautiful stories to tell. I’m living my dream job, helping these people share the beauty that they’re already putting out into the world.

I balance corporate, academic, and non-profit client work with wedding and family work, and I love documenting the honest and joyful stories of real love at all phases of life.

My work has been featured in local and national publications including National Geographic, Culture Magazine, Buzzfeed News, Sift Magazine, and Edible Finger Lakes.


Ithaca is a town of teaching and learning. On and off campus, our local institutions impact and enrich every part of our community. Over the past few years I've documented campus, classroom, community, and everything in between at Ithaca College, Cornell University, and TC3.




The campus environment is a piece of the institutions that as Ithacans, we all get to enjoy. I've spent time on a variety of campuses out and about with students documenting genuine study sessions, hangouts, and class-to-class commutes.



I’ve worked with several colleges and universities to help build libraries of authentic images of classrooms and campus life. By photographing classes during actual class times (rather than staging shoots), I captured students and faculty interacting in their natural learning environments.



Community and connection are the foundation of the campus experience. I capture community in the context of events (graduation, anniversary celebrations, and campus traditions) and by working with students and faculty in intimiate, authentic photography sessions in which we facilitate real conversations and connections.



When I first met with the folks at Cornell CALS, I remember telling them multiple times in one meeting that I didn't think my style really lent itself to academic portraits. In the years since then, they've thrown a lot of portrait assignments my way and I'm not one bit upset about it. I also work consistently with the multimedia team at Ithaca College to maintain up-to-date portraits of college adminstration.



I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much during shoots as I do during sessions with Cornell researchers. Did you know potatoes are being bred to make the perfect purple chip? Or that just one (awesome and charismatic) woman, Dr. Brown, has bred several of our favorite apple varieties? I spend so much time in the fields, orchards, and labs during these shoots, and I love being there. In the process of working with my subjects I’ve pushed through forests of willow, been taught to identify the pests on my garden broccoli, been in the field with industry-leading hemp researchers, and learned about all sorts of regional beverage production.


I'm now booking for scheduled shoots and event coverage through the end of 2021.

For academic portraiture and brand photography, I always schedule a consultation with new clients to make sure I understand their messaging and marketing needs and the context in which the images will be used.

I offer hourly or day rates for academic shoots, and can manage a team of associate photographers for larger event coverage.

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