About Me

I believe that honest imagery is vital to any storytelling mission. I work as a documentary-style photographer for a variety of clients, from brands to small businesses, individuals and couples. My favorite subjects are those that showcase the vibrance and bounty of real life.

I’m so lucky and inspired to be part of a community filled with makers, farmers, bakers, and creators of all types that have beautiful stories to tell. I’m living my dream job, helping these people share the beauty that they’re already putting out into the world.

I balance corporate, academic, and non-profit client work with wedding and family work, and I love documenting the honest and joyful stories of real love at all phases of life.

My work has been featured in local and national publications including National Geographic, Culture Magazine, Buzzfeed News, Sift Magazine, and Edible Finger Lakes.



I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over 10 years, but being a new mother in COVID times has made me reconsider the impact of my work and the "why" behind what I do. I'm now working on offering a more diverse range of photography services to help people honestly document their life stories at all stages including pregnancy, motherhood, and aging.


first years

I know (now!) that motherhood is full of struggles as well as abundant joy, and I'm hoping to help parents document that journey by facilitating vulnerable, intimate, and honest photo sessions in folks' comfortable spaces.

I'm leaving my own comfort zone in hopes that I find beauty in vulnerability– moments & images of struggle, joy, and resilience that are worth remembering.

I hope that parents will want these images to live in the physical realm, so I offer (and encourage) prints, wall art, and small albums in additional to digital files. My daughter is currently in a phase where she looks at her "first year" book every single day!



I also offer short video vignettes for young children, a "day in the life" look at childhood. See an example at https://vimeo.com/423432797.


While this piece of my portfolio is still growing, please reach out to me with ideas for how I can document your unique family story, whether or not you see it reflected in the work I've shared here.

I offer fixed-price packages for newborn and motherhood sessions, as well as short video options for young children. Before every session, I share a short questionnaire that helps me support a calm and meaningful photo session and allows me to document the truth in your relationship with your child.

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